Phiona Gitsham

Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Genomics.

Bio HerboloQi’s managing innovator and director of formulations

Meet Phiona Gitsham (Chinese medicine, Australia)

Phiona began her college level education in health related topics in 1994. She studied  anatomy and kinesiology for dance and movement as part of a triple major performing Arts degree majoring in contemporary dance, music and theatre.

Phiona then apprenticed for 5yrs with a Native American shaman, learning how to heal and live in right relationship with the earth and consciousness. During this 5 year shamanic healing apprenticeship she learnt shamanic counseling, hands on healing and facilitating shamanic journey meditations. She has also studied astrology for 30 years and practiced for 20 years on a tantric path in Tibetan Dzogchen Dream Yoga and meditation. Phiona offers shamanic counseling with astrology, customized meditations, medical qi gong meditation, shamanic journeywork, lucid dreaming courses and private guidance in dream yoga. She has guided large groups in meditations up to 5000 people for events as well as ecstatic dance and smaller groups or individuals in meditation and peak states.

Phiona went on to study Chinese Medicine, graduating with her second degree in 2006. During these extended years of study, she worked for non-profit organizations notably, Greenpeace, MSF and Amnesty international. She has also worked for some years as a Chef. You’ll see elements of all these influences in her new focus, Bio HerboloQi: integrative Chinese herbal products.

Phiona became a qualified practitioner of nutritional genomic biochemistry (functional medicine and nutrition based on your genome). This field is a new and exciting area of specialized functional medicine and nutritional protocols for common genetic polymorphisms (SNP’s) that can negatively affect your health. She integrates this information into customized health plans and specialized in mental health, oncology, autoimmune disease, gynecology, dermatology and allergies. She was the first Chinese Medicine practitioner in Australia to become accredited in this field.

Phiona has co-produced a well known Chinese Medicine podcast for practitioners called Heavenly Qi since 2015 with a colleague, Dr. Clare Pyers. Heavenly Qi hosts many interesting expert guests on Chinese medicine topics, as well as showcasing both Phiona and Clare’s knowledge. Since 2018 they haven’t had much time for more episodes, but this treasure trove of information is available freely to the public.

In 2016, Phiona moved to USA and now lives in Vermont. At this time Phiona is focussing on making innovative Chinese herbal products for her new business Bio HerboloQi. She is studying spagyric alchemy and incorporating many alchemical methods into Bio HerboloQi products.

About Bio HerboloQi

Bio HerboloQi products are made by Dr. Phiona Gitsham (Chinese Medicine, Aus). Created with special techniques sourced from her background in herbal medicine, cheffing, nutritional genomics and spagyric alchemy, Phiona is integrating natural biochemical actives with Chinese herbal medicine to produce targeted, effective topicals and edibles. We use organic and pesticide free ingredients where available and we package everything in high quality violet glass.

We offer wholesale practitioner accounts for licensed practitioners to resell our products in their clinics or stores.

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Phiona has a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. She is registered to practice Chinese Medicine with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association).

Phiona is also accredited in Nutritional Genomics Biochemistry & Methylation via the Seeking Health Education Institute in Washington State, USA.

She is currently studying Spagyric Alchemy at the Spagyricus school.

While studying in 1994, Phiona began working in hospitality kitchens, eventually becoming a Chef and cooking her way through Chinese medicine university from 2001-2006.