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Phiona’s goal is to make beautiful, clean, non toxic herbal products that support your ongoing health. What if your body care products could improve your health rather than contain chemicals you have to watch out for? What if your moisturizer helped to balance your Qi and your skin type, rather than contributed to the toxic load or imbalance in your body? With Chinese medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, cosmetic chemistry, spagyric alchemy and creative care, Phiona formulates products intended to lead the body & spirit towards balance and harmony, from an East Asian Medicine perspective.

In the lab we make many of our own herbal extracts and Phiona always looks for the optimal way to prepare, extract or infuse a herb to then use it as an ingredient in a product. Some of our products have been made with spagyric alchemy and some are not. As we grow we are likely to be make additional products using spagyric alchemy methods, described below. Depending on the purpose of the product, we may prefer to create an oil, a tincture, an essence, a decoction, an infusion or one of many other methods to create our medicinal herb base. The formula is combined with high quality ingredients to create the end products which may include oils, body butters, organic raw medicinal honey from the amazon, imploded distilled water, vitamins, targeted probiotics and more.

Timing is Everything.

All of our products contain leading herbs that act as the Emperor or Empress of the formula, and all products also have an astrological chart and planetary rulers. Lab production is done with astrology in mind to ride currents that support the planetary rulers of herbs and products. Each item is also blessed with Seichim Reiki during extraction and sigil seals.

About Spagyric Alchemy

Spagyric is a word that was coupled to the word Alchemy, by Paracelsus, a Swiss physician who lived in the 16th Century, famed as the father of pharmacology and toxicology. By that time alchemy had been banned in many parts of Europe because in it’s focus on metals and creating gold, currencies had been diluted with fake gold and alchemists were to blame (or thank depending on how you see it). Not to mention how many alchemists gave themselves toxic metal poisoning and were probably an outrageous lot.

Paracelsus saw the huge potential in alchemical methods for making medicines, particularly with plants and began to refocus associations with alchemy towards medicinals instead by developing Spagyric Alchemy. This work became a basis for modern pharmacology and toxicology in organic chemistry and medicine. In Spagyrics, the process is always based on separating and reuniting the tria prima: the 3 principles of Salt, Sulphur & Mercury.

SALT: the physical body, the mineral salts and matrix.

SULPHUR: the unique soul, the oils, essential oils.

MERCURY: the spirit, universal life force, alcohol, “spirits”, what can be extracted by alcohol from herbs such as carboxylic acids and a wide range of the actives contained that are not in the sulphur oils or salts.

Video of alchemical marriage of Jade Screen Extra, by Warren Kistenbroker.

The Alchemical Marriage

Once these three “sacred ingredients” have been separated, or extracted, with a wide range of possibilities in how we may do that, they are then recombined with the crystal salts in what is called the Alchemical Marriage. The salts catalyze a chemical reaction in which they cause new medicinal compounds to form from the oils and carboxylic acids in the sulphur & mercury phases. This process makes the medicine more bioavailable with the presence of the electrolytes which make up the salts and are mostly potassium carbonate.

For example, a traditional tincture is extracted with alcohol with herbs left to macerate. From that we obtain the sulphur (some oils) and the mercury (actives, carboxylic acids), but the mineral salts are left in the herb marc. After pressing out the herbs to filter the tincture, often the herbs are then composted and no more is extracted from them.

Herbal Calcination 5

How Mineral Crystal Salts Are Formed

In Spagyric Alchemy, we then calcinate the herbal portion thoroughly at high temperatures, until what is left is reduced to a pure white ash. The ash is then washed and filtered and evaporated into mineral crystal salts. This part of the process is particularly beautiful. The salts are ground to white powder and reunited with the rest of the extraction in the alchemical marriage. You can see the salts bouncing off the tincture for while at this stage as they catalyse the actives to evolve further as medicine. The tincture becomes suspended and actives form as prodrugs, bioavailable and easier for the body to recognize and metabolize as needed.

Having tried and compared spagyrics with other traditional medicine formulations, Phiona was really impressed with the increased efficacy and speed of effect from spagyric medicines. The effectiveness was really obvious but she also fell in love with it’s beautifully holistic, natural, non toxic ethic and mystical astrology matrix. Phiona became an ethusiastic student of Spagyric Alchemy, using more of these methods in the lab and in formulating products. Along with East Asian Medicine, Spagyic Alchemy methods, astrology and making medicine is something that Dr Phiona has been doing for lifetimes and is having great fun remembering it all back together. Separate… Reunite.

Tincture of Huang Qi

Products We Create

With spagyric alchemy we may make tinctures, distill essential oils, absolute oils, first order plant stones, essences, elixirs and make with other options. There are many holistic and mystically woven ways to create the optimal medicinal ingredients for our beautiful products. Spagyrics doesn’t just cover plant medicines, but also offers a range of processes for biological ingredients like shells, minerals (salts), eggs, urine, blood, sperm (that’s not all) and also has a developed and more sophisticated branch of metal alchemy, which thanks to modern chemistry and chemists who are also alchemists, is being separated from toxic metal alchemy.

At Bio HerboloQi we combine certified organic and pesticide free or wildcrafted ingredients according to what is available and what is the most clean and medicinal. We work with suppliers who test, and have high standards. Where relevant we also source ingredients fair trade and with ethical suppliers, for example our certified organic Frankincense oil and Cacao butter are both fair trade networks with native farming communities.

We hope you love our products and processes as much as we do!

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Tincture of Huang Qi