BioHerboloQi products are unique, targeted, effective topicals and liquid extracts that star Chinese herbs. We make some of our products using spagyric alchemy, creating extracts, tinctures, and oils from natural medicinals. Chinese herbs, vitamins, targeted probiotics, raw honey, minerals, shells, oils, and butters are carefully curated for each product and its healing purpose. The highest quality herbs are made into the best type of extract or infusion, then are added with the final fractal formulation.

BioHerboloQi products do not contain toxic cosmetic chemicals or fillers, or ingredients that are harmful for you or the earth. We use ingredients that are certified organic or have been tested for pesticide and heavy metal residues.

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Featured Ingredients

Discover some of our favorite and most beautiful ingredients. From fair trade organic cacao butter, spagyric mineral crystal salts, and brightly colored medicinal rose buds, to fair trade organic medicinal raw honey from the Amazon. Bottled in Miron violet glass.

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Photo of spagyric Huang Qi extract by Daniel Wiseman

Our Lab Processes

In the lab we make most of our own herbal extracts and Dr Phiona always looks for the optimal way to prepare, extract or infuse a herb to then use it as an ingredient in a product.

Lab production is done with astrology in mind to ride currents that support the planetary rulers of herbs and products. Each item is also blessed with Seichim Reiki during extraction and sigil seals.

In Spagyric Alchemy, we calcinate the herbal portion thoroughly at high temperatures, until pure white ash remains. The ash is then washed and filtered and evaporated into mineral crystal salts. We are impressed with the increased efficacy and speed of effect from spagyric medicines.

About our lab

Dr Phiona Gitsham

Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Genomics.


Dr. Phiona Gitsham is the formulator and lab manager. She is an Acupuncturist and Dr of Chinese Medicine. She uses a variety of herbal formulations and lab processes uniquely merged together to create her products.

Growing up, Phiona was highly sensitive and allergic to foods, body care products, household chemicals, and even many so-called “natural products”. She learned how to heal and make many of her own food, medicine, and body care products.

She is excited to share these natural, effective products with you.

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