Chinese Herbal Medicine, Nutrition & Medical Qi Gong

New Patient Package:

*Note these consults are not currently open.

90 minutes $295 (Current patient follow ups are 30/ 60minutes).

Start with the New Patient Package if you would like Chinese herbal medicine, nutrition and medical qi gong consults. The Initial consult is 90 minutes and made up of 2 parts. After you have completed your initial consult you may make 60 or 30-minute follow-up appointments as advised by Dr Phiona.

2 Parts to your initial consult:

1. Intake paperwork and questionnaire.

You will receive this after you make your initial consult booking. You need to complete this & return it to me 24 hours prior to your initial consult. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete.

2. In Depth Consult.

This initial consult will go for 90 minutes. We will go through your medical history covered in the intake questionnaire and your current health goals. We will begin with your herbal prescription, nutritional and dietary therapy, and some guided medical qi gong. The type of medical qi gong Phiona will be teaching you is a combination of breathwork, guided meditation, and focusing on light, color, and directions of movement.

After you have completed your New Patient Package, you can book through Herbal, Nutrition & Medical Qi Gong appointments under current patients. 

You are also welcome to book for other consult types, like shamanic counseling, astrology or distant seichim reiki at any time, and do not have to have completed the New Patient Package to book for these.

Schedule First Nutrition Session

Current patients Package:

30 minutes $108 / 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $295

After you’ve completed the initial 90-minute session you are welcome to schedule follow up sessions in the amount of time you need. If you have not completed a herbal introductory session, we kindly ask that you schedule your first session here.

Schedule Follow-up Nutrition Session