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Please read about each consult type below and specify in your booking notes what kind of consult you are booking. If you are booking for Astrology you do need to include your birth date, time, and location by city or town of birth.

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FORECASTING PREDICTIVE EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY - recommended periods of prediction are for a specific project, events or the next 3 months or 1 year ahead. An annual solar return birthday forecast is popular. 

PLANETARY ALCHEMY - your chart contains keys to alchemical processes for your development. Once you learn how to use your energy in the way that works for *you* you will become a magnet. When you misuse your energy, it looks more like self-sabotage or blockages in life. You are unique. If you are fire energy trying to be like earth, you will get frustrated when you see it working for earth friend, but not for you. Find your personal and unique keys to transforming lead to gold. You may also seek planetary alchemy and medical astrology to help heal illness that you are experiencing. 

SYNASTRY - what is going on between you and them? Romantic, marriage, business, friend, or family member relationship dynamics can be explored with synastry charts. We can explore remedies for challenging dynamics and ways to enhance great dynamics. Some people are with us for a season and some for a lifetime. Phiona needs each person’s full birth date, time and location to do synastry charts. 

ASTROCARTOGRAPHY - your chart mapped onto the planet is so insightful for considering travel or moving to another state or another country. Moves or trips within 100 miles of where you live are not really going to change much. We can also explore what is called remote activation, to bring energies into your life from other locations without you actually traveling or moving yet. 

If you want to compare a few places please book at least 30 minutes for each location you wish to explore. Eg. If you want to compare moving to 2 different states, please book a 60 or 90-minute consult. If you do not know where you may want to go but would like to generate a short list to begin with for ideas, we can do that in 30 minutes, but please note this is enough for a short list to be created, based on what you want in life, but not long enough to fully explore each location in depth. Please write your questions briefly in the notes as well as where you currently live as it may not be the same as your birth town. eg. I am interested in comparing moving to Seattle or New York and I currently live in Denver. My birth details are 31st March 1976, San Diego CA, USA. 

30 minutes $88 / 60 minutes $170 / 90 minutes $233

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Develop a Lucid Dreaming Practice:

Lucid dreaming is an advanced meditation technique, familiar among many ancient cultures. Phiona has been able to have lucid and sometimes precognitive dreams since birth, which has led her to study several lucid dreaming traditions. Phiona can help you develop your own lucid dreaming practices and to understand what they can do for you and your perceptive development. 

The benefits of developing the ability to recognize that you are in a dream translate to your waking life - every moment is an opportunity to realize the moment with greater perception and become more aware, rather than to be caught up in reactivity. Lucid dreaming is an excellent teacher because as soon as you react to a dream with grasping or aversion - you will either become unconscious and fall back into dreaming or you will wake up out of the dream. Learning to hover there, lucid, aware, and nonreactive is the key to learning how to do that in any dimension, asleep or awake. The practice builds the neural pathways of lucid awareness. Learn immediate methods to quiet your inner dialogue.

Lucidity helps to:

Cultivate your intuition and Seeing.

Reveal the source of unhealthy content in your inner dialogue.

Transform your reality and empower your path from dream to reality.

Lucid dreaming is also a preparation for conscious death as the process of falling asleep is a mini version of the senses shutting down at death. If you pass away in a lucid state it is believed your next incarnation will be much more liberated, you can retain memories of past lives, or perhaps you don’t need to return. 

A Tibetan lucidity prayer is: May I awaken in the dream, so that all beings may awaken.

Once you are lucid in a dream, any visualization practices you do are much more potent than if you were awake. Athletes and highly skilled professionals have long been using the science of visualization to develop skills and neural pathways first in the brain, then to bridge them into the physical. Practicing medical Qi gong and other techniques to improve your health and skills during a lucid dream is very powerful. For example, Phiona only had to do 10x pushups in a lucid dream for her brain to change its map of what her body can do, for her to go from being able to do 3 to 10 push-ups in one week. This is after scarring from shoulder surgery prevented this muscle development for years prior, as even small training sessions were triggering a lot of inflammation.

This process of cultivating lucidity as both a) a perceptive state and b) a learning or skill-developing state, will allow you to use your intuition, brain, and body more effectively and creatively. 

Phiona’s dreaming: 

Phiona received a Tibetan dzogchen dream yoga transmission with Namkhai Norbu, has been initiated with Xhosa dream diviners and has studied Mayan lucid dreaming nagualism and some indigenous Australian dreaming magic. 

In 2009, Phiona was invited by Namkhai Norbu (bless) to his house in Australia, to discuss lucid dreaming practices and receive transmission. The invitation came after a series of dreams which led to other people she hardly knows, to be emailing about her with Namkhai Norbu and he sent the invitation via a South African dream diviner friend. On the way she was instructed to drop into a talk that his son was giving in Brisbane for further instructions. At that event she found out that he never invites anyone to his house, it is forbidden, yet she was given the address and told to go and she wondered if she should really go. She went with her South African friend and was welcomed and given a transmission. They also had to bring Gelati and this stop created a world of synchronicities with the Gelati shop and another Tibetan Dzogchen lineage! 

Phiona is not representing or offering to teach one specific tradition of lucidity to you, but she can help you to develop your own practice based on a combination of dreaming neuroscience and traditional practices and /or guide you toward traditional lineages that you may be seeking. 

Lucid dreaming can be practiced independently of any lineage or tradition as it is a natural function of dreaming and the mind. These consults are most useful for people who can already become lucid in dreaming, or who already experience psychic dreams or other dreaming activity that they seek to develop and further understand. If you do not recall your dreams very easily and have never been able to become lucid, this is not for you. One thing in common with all dreaming traditions is that young dreamers are identified by their dreams demonstrating one of these abilities in childhood, then they are trained. Other people are not trained as it is best to follow what your natural abilities are. As an advanced meditation practice, lucid dreaming is not suitable for everyone but it is a very supportive and necessary learning for those who are already doing it to some extent. 

May I awaken in the dream so that all beings may awaken.

30 minutes $88 / 60 minutes $170 / 90 minutes $233

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