Shamanic Counseling & more

You can request what you want to focus these sessions on: shamanic counseling, astrology, lucid dream yoga or guided meditations, medical qi gong and journeys.

Please read what is offered for each consult type below and specify in your booking notes what you are looking for. If you are booking for Astrology you do need to know your date, time, and location by city or town of birth.

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Shamanic Healing sessions can include Hawaiian Huna, internal alchemy, quieting the inner dialogue, shamanic journey, medical Qi Gong meditation, lucid and non-lucid dreamwork, and energy healing. Astrology consults are separate and outlined below. You can request what you want to work on. We don’t have time to do all these things in one booking, so please specify what you would like to focus on for each consult.

Revealing the source of unhealthy content in your inner dialogue

Methods for transforming your inner dialogue so it reflects a healthy relationship with self, and self-love.

Immediate methods to quiet your inner dialogue.

Transforming your reality and empowering your path

Immediate methods to cultivate your intuition and Seeing

Lucid Dream Yoga - awakening in the dream, so you may awaken in all realms. Dzogchen, tantra, xhosa and mayan methods are combined. 

Using medical Qi gong and journey meditations to improve your health and skills.

This process will allow you to use your intuition and your brain more effectively and creatively, make better decisions, and experience more happiness and peace. Boost your creativity and clarity with a truly connected sense of who you are and what you are doing. 

Positive effects on your body, overall health, energy, mental clarity, and relationships, starting with your relationship with yourself in your own thought.


You need to know your date of birth, time, and location. If you do not know all 3 of those details, it is not possible to cast your charts and do an astrology consult. There is a process some astrologers offer called Chart Rectification that can be used to determine birth time, but Phiona does not offer these consults at this time. Please only book astrology if you know your birth date, time and location by city/ town. You will need to provide these details when you book in the notes section. 

PREDICTIVE EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY: with a combination of evolutionary astrology and progressions, we can look at a defined period ahead. Recommended periods of prediction are the next 3 months or 1 year ahead. It is especially helpful to do a year ahead prediction around your birthday each year because each birthday is a solar return and casts a predictive year ahead chart for you.

ASTROCARTOGRAPHY - using your natal chart we can look at what energies are best supported for you in different parts of the planet. With a combination of map charts, relocation charts, and city/ state / country charts where available, we will look at how to best work with the energies unique to you. Astrocartography is best for considering travel or moving to another state or another country. Moves or trips within 200 miles of where you live are not really going to change much in the astrocartography readings. If you want to compare a few places we can do that within the timeframe. If you wish to compare 2 or more places please select a 60 or 90-minute consult. 

Anyone can book a shamanic counseling or astrology appointment without having had any other appointments with Phiona.

30 minutes $108 / 60 minutes $200 / 90 minutes $295

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