Brace the Base
Brace the Base
Brace the Base
Brace the Base

Brace the Base

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Size 1.7 oz / 50ml

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1.7 oz / 50mls in violet glass. 

Brace the Base for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, also relieves the pain they can cause. It contains two different types of turmeric curcumin extracts, premium chinese herbs and integrative natural actives.

  • Raises the sinking Qi
  • Relieves pain
  • Softens stool
  • Supports tissue healing
  • Supports vessel healing
  • Stimulates collagen production and elasticity repair

Maintaining the integrity of your tissues is important, even though reading about it may make you wince. Anal fissures can be slow and difficult to heal, leading to more serious bowel or incontinence problems. Relieve the pain that can feel like passing razor blades. If you need to Brace the Base, you really need to!

1.7mls/ 50mls in violet glass. 

Brace the Base is helpful for hemorrhoids and anal fissures, while relieving the pain they can cause. If you or a patient needs to heal a tear, it can be slow and difficult as it may tear again easily with daily bowel movements. Unable to repair, some fissures can get worse and leak toxins back into your bloodstream. Brace the Base was developed over years of clinical experience in digestive disorders.

Based in a soothing infusion of aloe gel with carrier oils that soften and assist tissue healing, Brace the Base contains two different types of turmeric curcumin extracts, including a C02 turmeric curcumin, 8 premium pesticide free Chinese herbs including Jia Ye Shu (butcher’s broom) and natural amino, L-arginine with organic Aloe Vera. Soothing and repairing, our base oils include coconut oil as well as cold pressed Bai Zi Ren (biotae orientalis/ platycladi) oil.

Bai Zi Ren oil is cold pressed, soothing and calming to the heart, moistens the intestines to soften stools and raises the Qi up, for proplapse. “Its steadfastness also makes it impervious to invasion by evil Qi’s floating fire.”  (from: Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Du).

L-arginine is the most important amino acid for muscle repair. This amino is best absorbed from rectal administration, not oral and in this case, we’re putting it right where it’s needed.

Having a healthy bowel movement daily is essential to keep your body healthy. When we can eliminate and detoxify properly, we can recover from many ailments. Looking after your detoxification and elimination organs is one of the best ways to stay healthy, because without them, life would be a real Pain In the Ass!


SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE – Contents Settle.

You may want to wear gloves to apply this product as it can stain.

Apply 3-5 drops to the anus and just inside the anus, once or twice per day. The first drop will take a few seconds longer to come through the dropper than the rest.

DO NOT Touch your anus or skin with the bottle, keep the bottle clean. Drop from above or use gloved fingers.

We recommend using a full 50ml bottle, until it is finished. It can last 2-4 months. It is best to continue use for a while after a fissure or vessel has healed, so that the ingredients that help to restore muscular integrity can heal the area. This is the best approach for prevention of recurrence.

The best times to apply Brace the Base are twice per day:

  • Before sleep so your body can prepare for the next mornings bowel movement.
  • After showering or bathing. When your anus is clean and dry, reapply.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For further care we recommend Chinese Medicine practitioners. 

BONUS VIOLET GLASS: This gel-oil is packaged in Violet Science Glass, which is the best packaging we can use for products with medicinal oils or active ingredients. Plastics can leach out toxic chemicals when oils are stored in them, and violet glass is able to preserve ingredients for a long time, better than any other color glass. See our FAQ to learn more about Violet Glass and why it is so amazing.

GIFT: We recommend you keep your violet glass container when your product runs out. Wash it and reuse it in your kitchen. This dark ultra violet glass appears black but is Violet in the sunlight. It will preserve herbs, spices, culinary leftovers, medicinal potions and more. The retail value of the 50ml violet glass bottle alone is currently around $16. This is our gift for you to keep. The medicine just keeps on going!

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**Castor oil, *Bai Zi Ren oil (platycladi semen / thuja orientalis / biota),**coconut oil (fractionated MCT), ºplant derived emulsifier (polyglyceryl-2 oleate, polyhydroxystearic acid, polyglyceryl-2 stearate), **Jia Ye Shu (butchers broom / ruscus aculeatus), *Jiang Huang (curcumae longae rhizoma), *Dang Gui (angelica sinensis), *Gan Cao (glycyrrhiza uralensis), *Sheng Ma (rhizoma cimicifugae), *Chai Hu (bupleurum chinense), *Huang Qi (astragali radix), **aloe vera, distilled h20, **turmeric C02 extract, *Chai Hu oil (radix bupleuri), **Ru Xiang oil (frankincense / boswellia carteri), L-arginine.

~ 100 % Non GMO.
** Certified organic ingredient.
* Pesticide free ingredient.
º ECOcert approved ingredient for certified organic products.