Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract
Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract
Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract
Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract
Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract
Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract

Xiao Chai Hu Extra dual extract

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1.7oz/ 50ml dual extract spagyric tincture in violet glass, with dropper.  1:3 w:v. 

Xiao Chai Hu Extra is a modified version of the traditional formula Xiao Chai Hu Tang. It is used to clear early stage and latent pathogens, or harmonize shaoyang disharmony. 

This version is a dual extract spagyric tincture which has been uniquely modified to enhance these functions:

  • Release the exterior to clear wind cold or wind heat pathogens
  • Antiviral and antiparasitic modifications to enhance the effect for gu syndrome, the gut biome and digestive symptoms
  • Transforms middle jiao damp
  • Supports biome mediated immunity
  • Reduces symptoms and duration of early stage pathogenic attacks
  • Harmonizes Shao Yang disorder

A spagyric tincture has been married with an organic medicinal honey menstruum to create this dual extract. The result is a semi-sweet yet potently bioavailable herbal medicine. It tastes like a delicious ginger aromatic syrup and is easy to take. It only takes a minute to start releasing the exterior and harmonizing shao yang.

1.7oz/ 50ml dual extract spagyric tincture in violet glass, with dropper. 1:3 w:v.

About Xiao Chai Hu Extra

The formula for Xiao Chai Hu tang was first recorded in the Shang Han Za Bing Lun during the Han Dynasty and is still in wide use in current times. It’s not surprising as this formula  harmonizes shao yang syndrome, clears early stage external pathogenic invasions and can clear latent pathogens that have lingered or entered a chronic phase. This modified version also helps when gu syndrome is a component. There are 2 dosage levels suggested for both adults and children aged above 7. One is a higher dose for acute early stage infections and the other is a lower dosage for clearing latent pathogens.

Dual Extracted 1:3 w:v

The Bio HerboloQi version, called Xiao Chai Hu Extra contains a few ‘extra’ modifications so we can make the most of using this formula today. As a dual extract, the result is a semi-sweet liquid that is easy to take and packs a punch. It is suitable for adults and children but should have boiling water added to evaporate some alcohol. According to the 11 yr old who flavor approved it, it tastes like an aromatic ginger patchouli syrup.

The phases of extraction used involve spagyric tincture methods with alcohol which is married with a second phase extract using imploded distilled water and organic medicinal honey. The herbs are calcined to extract the mineral salts which are grown out as crystals. This beautiful process allows us to include the natural ratio of salts, like potassium, from the herbs which makes the formula more whole, bioavailable and potent. The outcome is medicinally potent and delicious.

Modification to Xiao Chai Hu Tang

The Sheng Jiang dosage is on the high side, to strongly release the exterior and to support the biome. Considering the immense importance of biome mediated immune function in today’s health, Huo Xiang and Pei Lan have also been added. We see these two aromatic herbs being favored in many formulas designed for gu syndrome, viruses or pathogens that can express with respiratory and / or digestive symptoms. The traditional formula contains Zhi Gan Cao, which is included, but also enhanced with Gan Cao.  Glycyrrhizin continues to demonstrate promise in new research for it’s potential to combat viral infections and to treat acute respiratory symptoms.

A spagyric tincture is an evolved alchemical medicine, that contains a full spectrum extraction of the herbal actives, more complete than a standard tincture. It has also been created in harmony with astrological timing relevant to the herbs used and their functions (medical astrology). Xiao Chai Hu Extra is ruled by the sun, overseeing medicines for fevers, viral infections and external pathogenic attacks involving heat. This includes some extra steps, beyond the usual tincture extraction process. After the dual phase extractions, the herbs are calcined to release the mineral salts that are still contained within them. Crystals are then grown from these mineral salts, here in the lab @bio_herboloqi, and are re-combined (the alchemical marriage) with the rest of the actives that have already been extracted. Medicinal honey is also ruled by the sun and brings this medicine into your body with ease. The medicinal crystals are electrolytes which enhance the bioavailability and absorption potential of the medicine. More evolved and whole, no medicine is left out. Our liquid formulas are also educated and blessed while being made, with the medicine buddha mantra for healing and good health.

Teyata om bekanze

bekanze maha bekanze

radza samung gate soha.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For further care we recommend Chinese Medicine practitioners. 

BONUS VIOLET GLASS: This dual extract spagyric tincture is packaged in Violet Science Glass, which is the best packaging we can use for products with medicinal oils or active ingredients. Plastics can leach out toxic chemicals when oils are stored in them, and violet glass is able to preserve ingredients for a long time, better than any other color glass. See our FAQ to learn more about Violet Glass and why it is so amazing.

GIFT: We recommend you keep your violet glass container when your ointment runs out. Wash it and reuse it in your kitchen. This dark ultra violet glass appears black but is Violet in the sunlight. It will preserve herbs, spices, culinary leftovers, medicinal potions and more. The retail value of the 50ml violet glass bottle alone is currently around $16. This is our gift for you to keep. The medicine just keeps on going!

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Not suitable for alcoholics or anyone wishing to avoid all alochol. Taking this tincture in hot water will evaporate some of the alcohol but not all of it.


*Chai Hu (bupleuri radix), *Ban Xia Fa (pinelliae rhizoma), **Sheng Jiang (zingiberis rhizome), **Hong Da Zao (jujubae fructus), *Huang Qin (scutelleriae radix), *Ren Shen Bai (ginseng radix), *Zhi Gan Cao (glycyrrhizae radix, honey fried), *Gan Cao (glycirrhizae radix), *Huo Xiang (pogostemonis herba), *Pei Lan (eupatorri herba), **alcohol, **organic honey, imploded distilled water.

~ 100 % Non GMO.
** Certified organic ingredient.
* Wildcrafted or premium ingredient. Tested pesticide, heavy metal & contaminant free.